About Us

RDA Sydney: Evidence-based Research & Consultancy Services

RDA Sydney is part of a network of national regional development bodies, overseen by a local Committee and Chair appointed by the Australian Government. We receive funding from the Australian Government, and source other funding to deliver projects that align with our charter of investment attraction, economic growth and jobs creation.

Our Vision

A greater Sydney with more diverse and innovative jobs closer to home.

Our Mission

Promote sustainable economic development and employment growth across Sydney in active partnerships with business, government and the broader community.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Promote economic development opportunities and investment

  • Explore & advise opportunities to grow employment

  • Engage with Business, Government and the broader Community to leverage sustainable economic development

What We Do

Our primary objective is to work with local stakeholders (private and public) to advance economic development and employment growth across Sydney. We have detailed knowledge of the Sydney region, supported by up-to-date economic data and access to multi-sectoral expertise.

The four pillars of our project delivery model are partnership, capacity building, connection and knowledge brokerage. We seek to leverage existing expertise either in-house or externally and facilitate projects that advance economic development for our customers and stakeholders.

Our Geographical Reach

RDA Sydney aims to enhance economic and employment growth across the 33 Local Government Areas of the Sydney region.