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Agency Information Guide


This Agency Information Guide is a ‘quick and easy’ overview of RDA Sydney; who we are and what we do.


Who We Are

Regional Development Australia-Sydney Inc. (RDA Sydney) is a Not For Profit Incorporated Association, part of a network of 55 RDA Committees across Australia (www.rda.gov.au). The RDA Sydney Committee consists of volunteer members covering a broad range of business and community experience in regional development, including a Chair, Deputy Chair and Treasurer-Secretary.  


All Committee members are jointly appointed by the Australian Government (represented by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and the NSW Government (represented by the Department of Industry). 


The Committee is supported by a 

Management Team of an Executive Officer and six staff who provide our primary interface with stakeholders. Operational funding is provided via individual contracts with the departments named above.   


What We Do

Our role is to actively engage with Australian, State and Local Governments, along with local stakeholders e.g. key Industry Groups, Businesses, Research & Development Agencies, Education & Training Institutes and Community Groups, to advance sustainable economic development and social equity within Sydney's regions. To achieve this we have developed a Mission Statement and set ourselves six Strategic Goals based on the National RDA Policy Documents. We use processes such as networking and facilitating dialogue, conducting workshops and stakeholder forums, catalysing and brokering projects, providing a knowledge base or clearing house on issues facing Sydney’s regions, advising government and advocacy. Our aim is to be a point of contact for government agencies seeking information about Sydney’s regions. 


A key activity is to deliver information about programs, services, grants and initiatives for regional development offered across all levels of government to local stakeholders. 


RDA Sydney does not generally interact with individual members of the public. However our interaction with our stakeholders e.g. advising governments of issues affecting Sydney’s regions, may result in their actions affecting members of the general public.


Freely available open access information held by us is contained in the Resource Library on this website. Requests for any other information will require a formal Access Application and may attract a fee.


Disclosure Log

Applications deemed to be of public interest are published here.

Information Not Disclosed

RDA Sydney makes decisions to not disclose some information.

Parliamentary Documents

Links to documents tabled in Parliament.

Policy Documents

Specific policies developed by RDA Sydney can be found here.


Register of Government Contracts

RDA Sydney publishes established, government contracts in this register.


Last Updated: 21 May 2018