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Register of government contracts


RDA Sydney currently have no contractual agreements with private sector bodies valued at more than $150,000.




If and when such contracts are established, RDA Sydney will publish these in a register of government contracts.



The information will include details on the name of the contractor and any related company involved in the contract, the start date and duration of the contract, the goods and/or services to be provided under the contract, the amount payable to the contractor, any renegotiation provisions, tender methods if applicable, and any payment provisions for operational or maintenance services under the contract.


Disclosure Log

Applications deemed to be of public interest are published here.

Information Not Disclosed

RDA Sydney makes decisions to not disclose some information.

Parliamentary Documents

Links to documents tabled in Parliament.

Policy Documents

Specific policies developed by RDA Sydney can be found here.

Agency Information Guide

This guide provides an overview of RDA Sydney; who we are and what we do.


Last Updated: 21 May 2018