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Our Charter

Achieving our Mission               Key Priorities


We will achieve our Mission through a series of Strategic Priorities:

  • Champion integrated Whole-of-Sydney Planning

RDA Sydney views Sydney as a whole with its sub regions providing a contribution to overall economic, social and environmental well-being. Changes (positive and negative) to any part of the region impacts on all parts of the region.

  • Support industry development which creates more diverse and innovative jobs closer to home

It is important for Sydney to generate jobs closer to where people live in order to reduce congestion on roads and improve liveability; it is also important that there be a mix of industries in any local area, providing an array of jobs and work conditions that are suited to the needs and expectations of the local population.

  • Foster social inclusion through economic and workforce means

The rapidly evolving economy demands a labour force that is appropriately qualified and trained to match the needs of industry. Sydney, along with the rest of Australia, is faced with the pressure of an ageing population and the need to lift labour force participation rates and educational attainments in order to maintain positive economic growth and competitive advantage; there is potential threat that a substantial number of people may be left behind resulting in poor employment and education participation rates unless particular focus is applied.

  • Develop and promote innovative place based solutions and models for the Whole of Sydney

RDA Sydney believes that place-based models and solutions as drivers of innovation are under-recognised. Innovation, defined as creating and capturing value by something new, has become the essential determinant of long-term economic performance and productivity. Innovation can be based on technology and research advances, but it equally can be from innovative practices in organisations and workplaces, through design and problem-solving and innovation in business models. All these types of innovation can be stimulated in diverse ways for different clusters and precincts across the whole-of-Sydney region. 


Key priorities for the Sydney Metropolitan Region:

  • Jobs closer to home
  • Creating a 40 year long-term vision for Sydney

  • Adopting whole of government planning which encompasses utilities, roads, transport, health, employment and education

  • Expanding and developing Sydney’s capacity as a global city attracting investment and sustainable development

  • Supporting employment growth in the South West and North West Growth areas by developing attractive employment lands and through the development of new strategic centres

  • Transitioning to the green economy in such sectors as emissions reduction, sustainable building and infrastructure, renewable energy, research and development clusters and specialised manufacturing

  • Minimising congestion by creating new ways of working and living that can reduce our dependence on the motor vehicle

  • Building the capacity of Sydney’s residents to attain appropriate qualifications to adapt to a changing work environment and future opportunities

  • Ensure equitable access for all working age residents to a diverse range of vocational and higher education institutions.


Our Mission

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Last Updated: 21 May 2018