Flying High in the Hawkesbury

Following a discussion with Hawkesbury City Council about economic development in the LGA, RDA Sydney requested data from our data partner, AEC Group, about key economic indicators for the RAAF base and surrounding destination zones.


Below is a map with the deep red border showing the boundary of the travel destination zone for the RAAF base. Destination Zones are used by the States and Territories and other users for the analysis of Place of Work Census data, commuting patterns and the development of transport policy.

The destination zone that includes the RAAF base employs 2,534 people or about 9.9% of people in the whole LGA. Defence is by far the largest employment sector inside the base (1,454 people) but other significant sectors include aircraft manufacturing and repair services (363), other automotive repair and maintenance (40) and engineering design and consulting services (30).


For the whole LGA, the highest employment numbers at the 4-digit Industry level are as follows:

From the perspective of the RAAF base, employment by industry for the top six sectors is shown in the table below:

Significantly, there are 363 people employed in aircraft manufacturing and repair services on the RAAF base out of 386 for the whole LGA. This represents 94% of aircraft manufacturing and repair services for the Hawkesbury and 16% of the total manufacturing workforce.


Apart from Defence, some of the employers inside the base include Northrop Grumman, Airbus Group and Marshall Aerospace Australia.


Given the significant scale of the base and its operations, it would be interesting to consider the multiplier effects on the local and broader communities. Areas such as real estate, education, health care, professional services, retail, hospitality and others could see a positive contribution from the presence of the base in the area.


Are you interested in making decisions based on real data? RDA Sydney can explore other geographic and sectoral areas of interest upon request, utilizing the raw data provided by our counterpart, AEC Group.


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