A Call Out to all SMEs that employ

STEM-skilled graduates

A call out to all SMEs (up to 40 employees) that employ STEM-skilled graduates (both Vet or University Level).

Generation STEM is a 10-year investment in the development and retention of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills in NSW. The initiative aims to attract more diverse and high‐potential students into NSW‐based STEM education and employment to increase the supply of a STEM-skilled workforce.


To inform the design of this initiative, CSIRO is undertaking a research project with Lonergan to better understand the STEM employment landscape in NSW. In particular, CSIRO is seeking to investigate how best to retain workers in NSW-based STEM employment, particularly graduate employment and particularly within small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Findings from this research project will be used broadly by CSIRO to inform the development, implementation and promotion of Generation STEM and other programs and activities.

CSIRO and Lonergan are seeking SMEs that employ STEM-skilled graduates in NSW to participate in this research.


If you are interested in participating, please email generationSTEM@csiro.au

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