Leonardo SpA Industry Briefing - Sydney 26 July 2019

This is part of a road show that Leonardo SpA is organising in connection with Project Land 2097 Ph.4 - Redfin, Special Forces helicopters - CASG is expected to issue an RFT during the final quarter of 2019. 

Leonardo SpA is aiming to:

  • supply at least 16 A109 TrekkerM helicopters and undertake sustainment for the fleet once in service (aircraft will be based at Holsworthy, NSW)

  • aiming to build a local supply chain, for a number of other upcoming projects: 

    • eventual replacement of the Army’s Tiger ARH and of the RNZN’s Super Seasprite helicopters; 

    • replacement of the Army’s tactical UAVs under JP129 Ph.4/5. JP129 Ph.4/5 which could see Leonardo place all of its global manufacturing for the offered solution into Australia, and suggests a long-term relationship with Australian UAV companies and research establishments could be very fruitful.​

SHOAL Group and Leonardo SpA will conduct similar briefings in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. The Sydney briefing is the only one that will be held in NSW.

Sydney Event Program Outline


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