Local Council Workplace Strategy Forum

By Invitation Only

1.30pm Tuesday 13 October 2020

Regional Development Australia Sydney and Veldhoen + Company

invite you to a discussion about how councils can become more resilient and adaptable organisations.  

Dr Robert Lang, Chair of RDA Sydney, will moderate the discussion.


Work in a time of COVID

The organisational challenges arising from COVID-19 are varied, evolving and profound. This pandemic has accelerated the global transition from predictable to emergent, simple to complex, and fixed to flexible. Entire industries are now questioning whether their old way of working will serve them in a post-pandemic world of work. Workstyle transformation is no longer only for aspirational organisations; it is essential for every organisation.


If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that the future is unpredictable. Adaptability becomes central to ensuring organisations have the resilience to not only survive these turbulent times but to develop ways of working, thinking and behaving that encourage teams to connect, individuals to flourish and organisations to thrive. 


Adaptability is reactively and proactively responding to external changes that threaten our capacity to survive and thrive. One of the defining features of a highly adaptable organisation is teams operating as a flexible network who have adopted ways of working that are highly mobile and agile.


Workplace Strategy - The Bits, Bytes and Behaviour Approach

Workplace strategy is a process that equips organisations to make deliberate, holistic decisions about how ways of working can be a strategic lever for organisational success. Workplace strategy is an effective driver of organisational success when it integrates critical business elements that are generally considered in isolation of each other: the built environment, the virtual environment and the cultural environment. Where most organisations have a cultural strategy, a digital/IT strategy and an accommodation strategy; few integrate them into a holistic, interdependent strategy. At its most fundamental, a workplace strategy is the process by which an organisation asks,


"To achieve our organisational goals:

  • What will be the behavioural changes required? 

  • How best do we physically organise ourselves? 

  • How will we leverage technology to support us?


Approached holistically workplace strategy allows for opportunities to explored and developed, leading to synergies and lasting positive outcomes. Done well, workplace strategy creates a tailor-made plan uniquely contextualised to the needs of the organisation and oriented to achieving its strategic vision in line with its values.


New Ways of Working

New Ways of Working is an umbrella term that covers a variety of working styles that are distinct from the traditional office setup. Generally the cornerstone of a workplace strategy, new ways of working aim to empower staff to work productively in a time and place independent way whilst remaining connected to each other to exchange insights and information. It enables an adaptable and agile workforce that can adjust quickly to changing conditions.


Ensure Future Success by Taking Action Now

What's certain is that there will be more uncertain times in the future. Preparedness and readiness for unpredictable and rapidly changing circumstances allow organisations to be resilient and minimally impacted even by globally disruptive events like a pandemic. 


COVID-19 compelled organisations to make short-term, fundamental changes to how they work. Strategic workplace decisions will be required to set organisations up for long term success. If the past is any predictor then adaptable organisations are the best placed to thrive in an unpredictable future. A well-considered workplace strategy acts as an enabler to becoming more adaptable and resilient; to thrive even in unpredictable circumstances.

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