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RDA Sydney Projects


RDA Sydney identifies the need to; facilitate planning processes and support implementation & promotion. See below for a variety of current 'key' projects that aim to assist in increasing the overall economic value of Regional Sydney.


A-Z Directory of Projects







Aerospace & Defence

Sydney Aerospace and Defence Interest Group (SADIG)

Greater Sydney Region is home to innovative, specialist and high-tech companies servicing Australian and International aerospace and defence supply chains. Research in NSW based universities and institutions is aligned with many Australian Defence Force programs and priorities. 
Goal: The purpose of the SADIG project is to collaborate with key industry associations, companies and stakeholders to gain insights on the key issues affecting the Industry in Sydney, and to enable business and employment development opportunities. RDA Sydney is working with multiple organisations and government agencies to coordinate working groups for industry growth opportunities, skills development and information exchange.
April 2016 Update: Through facilitated round tables SADIG has progressed initiatives in four key areas of NSW specialization. These activities include forums, seminars, workshops and business matching to identify and enable industry capability identification (see SADIG member capabilities), with specific advocacy for industry sectors including; Maritime, Autonomous Systems, Advanced Composites, and Astronautics and Space sectors.
Visit the SADIG website.
Partners: Australian Association for Unmanned Systems, Aviation Aerospace Australia, Australian Business Defence, Australian Industry Defence Network (NSW), Australian Industry Group Defence Council, Composites Australia, Engineers Australia, Hunternet, Manufacturing Skills Australia, Maritime Australia Limited, NSW Department of Industry, Shoalhaven Defence Industry Group, Space Industry Association, The Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER)






Biotech/Medtech Project

In order to profile the potential opportunities of the medical technology and biotechnology sectors in Western Sydney, RDA Sydney is scoping the current status of the sectors and the interrelationships between businesses and key research and other organisations.

This will result in the basis for an industry capability study that will be further developed in later stages.

Partners: NSW Department of Industry






Health Precincts

In partnership with Liverpool City Council, in 2013 RDA Sydney commissioned a scoping study of the health and education precinct in Liverpool. This study engaged key stakeholders in the precinct and resulted in the formation of a high level precinct taskforce. This taskforce aims to raise the profile of the precinct to attract investment and to address or seek solutions to common issues affecting members.

Link to report

Goal: RDA Sydney is exploring major precinct scoping in other key health and education centres in Western Sydney, building on the initial experience with Liverpool (and involvement with similar strategies in Penrith and Westmead). Apart from the local precinct benefits, this will feed into the Deloitte Designing Western Sydney initiative which has a major focus on the economic and employment potential of health and education precincts.

Partners: Liverpool City Council and members of the Liverpool Health and Education Precinct, Deloitte





Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturing and Engineering Skills Development Taskforce

The Taskforce was established in 2011 to identify the skills and actions needed to help transformm manufacturing, prevent skills shortages, keep pace with the rate of innovation and remain competitive in a changing global economy. The Taskforce which has now evolved and broadened its scope, commissioned research on skills needs from the UNSW Industrial Relations Research Centre, that surveyed is 82 companies in South West Sydney.


The report of this research recommended the creation of a manufacturing lighthouse partnership for Sydney. All key manufacturing stakeholders have welcomed this initiative and are working with RDA Sydney in developing a prototype. 

Goal:  RDA Sydney will be facilitating meetings of the Taskforce and Lighthouse committee working on the development of a prototype of what the Lighthouse would like and will be tested in Western Sydney.    

Partners: Manufacturing Skills Australia, AIG, NSW Business Chamber, WSBC, TAFE, Department of Industry, UTS, Western Sydney University, UNSW, Cumberland Chamber of Commerce, CSIRO, Innovative Manufacturing CRC, Industry Capability Network, Southern Strength, Deloitte, FIAL, AusIndustry, The Warren Centre, NSW Premiers and Cabinet, Australian Manufacturing Forum and KPMG.

For more information contact






Sydney Agriculture Strategic Approaches (SASA) Working Group

The Sydney Agriculture Strategic Approaches (SASA) Working Group acknowledges that Sydney's urban development is encroaching on its peri-urban food production landscapes. Articulating a policy vision for Sydney's locally sourced food and peri-urban agriculture is a pressing challenge for planning and decision making at strategic, council and farm scales. 


Goal: To provide certainty for agriculture investment and renew debate as regards the potential for stronger land use planning governance to protect and promote Sydney's peri-urban agriculture and biodive. 

Partners: DPI Agriculture, Greater Sydney LLS, EPA, Institute of Sustainable Futures

Additional Information:

The future of agriculture and food production in Sydney: a discussion paper


Shared Homeownership Working Group

Sydney remains Australia's most unaffordable housing market. There is an urgent need to create affordable housing options. With this in mind, RDA Sydney formed the Shared Homeownership Working Group that developed a business case and guidelines for a shared homeownership scheme with NSW community housing associations. The scheme allows for consumers to share the capital cost of purchasing a home with an equity partner (community housing association). Thereby permitting households to buy into a home with lower income and equity that would otherwise be required, enabling middle-income earners to exit from social and community housing into mainstream housing.


Goal: RDA Sydney facilitates the Shared Equity Schemes Working Group meetings and liaises with community housing associations, government and other stakeholders in relation to financing, legal and other aspects of shared homeownerships. The aim is for government to adopt these schemes as part of the mainstream programs. 

Partners: NCOSS, Shelter NSW, Community Housing, Compass Housing, Hume Community Housing, Link Housing, Western Sydney Community Forum, St George Community Housing, Community Housing Trust, Argyle Community Housing, Wentworth Community Housing, Evolve Housing, Federation of Community Housing Associations, FACS, Western Sydney University and Urban Growth

Additional Information:
Doors to Ownership: a business case and guidelines for a shared homeownership scheme with NSW community housing Associations.


Smart Work Centre Project

Based on the opportunity to create remote work solutions closer to where people live, the Smart Work Centre project aims to analyse the demand for telecommuting opportunities from both an employee and employer perspective. The model for smart work centres was based on international experience particularly in places such as Holland and South Korea.

Goal: RDA Sydney commissioned a study into commuter profiles in Western Sydney with a particular focus on those workers in jobs suitable for remote work. This report showed that there was significant demand in 3 nominated areas of Western Sydney - Penrith, Blacktown and Liverpool. Currently, the NSW Government is supporting pilot smart work centres in 3 sites in Western Sydney as well as 2 on the Central Coast.

Link to Report

Partners: NSW Department of Industry, WSROC, Penrith City Council, Smart Work Hubs Association



Sydney Data Profile

RDA Sydney has produced annual economic data for the 41 local government areas in Sydney, compiled in an annual report on key indicators for the Sydney region. This report is used by RDA Sydney and key stakeholders to track the economic progress of Sydney and its subregions and is of particular importance in the planning process.

Link to report



Sydney Agriculture Strategic Approaches Working Group (SASA)

Agricultural land in the Sydney basin is under threat because of housing developments and other land use pressures. RDA Sydney and the Department of Primary Industries are facilitating the SASA Working Group to ensure peri-urban agricultural lands are protected and maintained in the Sydney basin. The Group has been working with the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) sub-regional group in the Strategic Framework for the Metropolitan Rural Area's pilot projects. SASA is identifying agribusiness clusters and writing a paper about the land-use conflicts affecting agriculture and some options and direction for the DPE to address these issues.


Goal: to work with DPE and the working group to provide strategic advice to the government on issues related to agriculture.

Partners: Department of Primary Industries, Department of Planning and Environment, Department of Premiers and Cabinet, Environmental Protection Authority, Sydney Peri-Urban Network of Councils, UTS, Local Land Services and Western Sydney Parklands.






Tech StartUps

Recognising the current and future potential contribution of tech startups to the Sydney and national economy, RDA Sydney is taking initial steps to quantify this sector in terms of its economic contribution and the complexity of stakeholders and networks.


Associated with this embryonic work, RDA Sydney is a proud sponsor of the Young Achievers Award at Tech 23 2015.

Partners: SlatteryIT




RDA Sydney has joined with partners on the Central Coast to increase the uptake of telework opportunities, particularly for residents of the Central Coast who travel to Sydney for work. This is a new project and the role of RDA Sydney will primarily be creating the linkages with major Sydney-based employers.


Partners: Enterprise Connect (Central Coast), TAFE Hunter Institute (Ourimbah campus), RDA Central Coast and others.

Additional Information: National Telework Week was held from 12 to 16 November 2012. 



Transport & Logistics

RDA Sydney is working at various levels in the area of transport and logistics.

RDA Sydney is a participant in the Future Logistics Living Lab Project, an initiative of National ICT Australia and partners from the private and public sectors. One of RDA Sydney’s key interests in this group is the development and application of logistics management systems to improve the flow of freight into and out of Port Botany. With project partners, RDA Sydney has developed a project model for assessing future T& L workforce demand in key industry locations. It is hoped that this model can be piloted in one location in the near future and then rolled out to other locations.  The aim is to work with partners in developing a jobs strategy for the sector.

Partners: Transport for NSW, Department of Employment, Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council, Transport and Logistics Centre, Logistics Association of AustraliaWestern Sydney Institute.






Virtual Sydney 3D Planning Model
Regional Development Australia (RDA) Sydney, in conjunction with stakeholder groups officially launched Virtual Sydney; a 3D interactive planning model at CEBIT Australia, Sydney Convention Centre on Tuesday 22 May 2012.

The project provides a practical 3D model for the Sydney Metropolitan area that can be used to demonstrate and communicate the potential uses and benefits of ‘whole of city’ concept planning to key staff across federal, state and local government. It is envisaged that the project will play a pivotal role in facilitating the uptake of 3D modelling for improved ‘whole of city’ strategic planning for Sydney.

To view the Virtual Sydney demonstration clip, click here

For more information on this project contact us

Partners:  In collaboration with NSW Planning & Infrastructure (DPI) and the Land & Property Information (LPI ) a division of the Department of Finance & Services, RDA Sydney worked with geospatial specialists AAM,  to create a proof of concept 3D model for all of Sydney.



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