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SADIG Capabilities

Sydney Aerospace and Defence Capabilities


The Sydney Aerospace and Defence Interest Group (SADIG) is a network of industry stakeholders established approximately 7 years ago by Regional Development Australia Sydney (RDA Sydney). In total there are approximately 400 businesses registered in SADIG plus 300 interest groups such as Government Agencies.


Of the 400 businesses 290 have stated their capabilities on SADIG's website. The capabilities range from Aerospace to Maritime and Land (although barriers between categories are somewhat blurry in reality) and below we would like to highlight the strengths that exist in our very own back yard of greater Sydney.

Aerospace Capabilities


Aerospace is the branch of technology that deals with aviation and space flight. As per SADIG's classification, aerospace capabilities consist of engineering, ground operations, systems and integrators, unmanned systems, navigation communications, aircraft and aerostructures, safety equipment, training, tooling, propulsion, fixed-wing, rotary-wing and transport charter. The top 5 Aerospace capabilities in SADIG are: Engineering (42), Ground operations (4), Systems Engineers and Integrators (38), Unmanned systems (35) and Navigation communications (33).

Maritime Capabilities

Maritime are those skills related to naval matters and as defined by SADIG include, system engineers and integrators, ship construction, marine engineering, tooling, electronic sensors and equipment, mechanical equipment, safety equipment, unmanned systems, training services, port and harbour services, propulsion and small craft. SADIG's top 5 capabilities are system engineers and integrators (41), ship construction (39), marine engineering (36), tooling (33) and electronic sensors and equipment (32).

Land Capabilities

Land Capabilities

Land capabilities are those that relate to land combat and missions such as armoured vehicles and logistics. According to SADIG’s classification they include system engineers and integrators, unmanned systems, engineering, tooling and parts, automotive equipment and components, personal equipment, armoured vehicles, automotive engineering, survivability vehicles, survivability personnel, mine and ied detection and body armour.


The top 5 Land capabilities in SADIG are system engineers and integrators (31), unmanned systems (30), engineering (30), tooling and parts (29) and automotive equipment and components (23).


C4ISR Capabilities

C4ISR refers to Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. According to SADIG’S classification, capabilities in C4ISR include command control, communications and networking, software engineering, system engineers, electronic warfare, engineering, and ISR sensors.


The top 5 C4ISR capabilities in SADIG are command control (32), communications and networking (32), software engineering (26), system engineers (26) and electronic warfare (18).

Other capabilities within the SADIG network include:

  • Engineering- top capability is technical services

  • Explosive ordinance-top capability is guided weapons

  • Research & Development- top capability is prototyping

  • Logistics and Distribution- top capability is supply chain management

  • Maintenance repair- top capability is maritime platforms

  • Security and protection- top capability is Cyber IT

  • Services- top capability is project management

  • Suppliers and agents- top capability is maritime equipment

  • Training and education- top capability is professional science engineering

  • Weapons- top capability is small arms

SADIG is committed to creating opportunities for companies in the Aerospace and Defence area. Contact RDA Sydney to see how we can help you.


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