Western Sydney City Deal Councils

Journey to Work by Distance and Occupation

RDA Sydney recently took a quick look at some aspects of journey to work for some councils in the Western Sydney City Deal. Data was from the 2016 Census. In particular, we looked at the proportion of workers travelling 30km or more and broke it down into broad occupation groups.

  • Across all occupation types, Wollondilly has the highest percentage of workers travelling 30km or more to their place of work. 

  • The Blue Mountains, Campbelltown and Camden were the next highest in terms of how many people travel long distances to work.

  • In terms of occupations, managers (37%) and professionals (36%) across the 8 City Deal council areas had the highest proportion of workers travelling 30km or more.

  • The occupation categories with the lowest travel distances for the City Deal council areas were labourers, sales, machinery operators and community and personal services workers.

  • In terms of rankings of proportion of workers travelling 30km or more to work:

    • Wollondilly 36%

    • Campbelltown 29%

    • Camden 27%

    • Blue Mountains 24%

    • Penrith 20%

    • Hawkesbury 19%

    • Liverpool 15%

    • Fairfield 11%

Anyone interested in learning more about this dataset or accessing relevant parts of this data should send details of their request to Mark Wigley.


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